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As one of the Queen City's oldest & most historical neighborhoods, SouthEnd is rich in Charlotte culture. It's crazy to think this neighborhoods inception was in the mid 1800's. It was modernized in 1893, when it became one of the city's first industrial parks & home to a variety of mills. The revitalization happened again in the 1990's & continues. The pulse of SouthEnd still revolves around the original Atherton Cotton Mill, now just known as Atherton Mill & Market - home to some pretty amazing shopping. Furniture Row offers a mix of Antique meets Modern meets traditional, creating a fun place to shop. While elements of the authentic SouthEnd remain, this area offers a good mix of contemporary when it comes to living, dining, art, etc. SouthEnd is a compact area making getting around easy. One of beauties of this neighborhood lies along the light rail system. Using colorful murals & colorful artwork, adds fun & ease getting into Uptown.

Home to the brewery walking tour & therefore a large number of breweries including Sycamore Brewing, Lenny Boy Brewing Co, Wooden Robot Brewery, The Unknown Brewing Co., & Triple C. Brewing Co., this is a good way to spend an afternoon. After completing a brewery tour, you will need something to soak all that beer up with, so try some of SouthEnd's Finest. No matter how you break it down this vibrant neighborhood is alive & there is nothing else quiet like it in the Queen City.

NO. 1 | BARDO Why it is Concierge Approved | The Executive Chef, Michael Noll, is extremely talented & everything on the menu is phenomenal. The presentation of the dishes are stunning & a few are almost to beautiful to eat. The menu changes frequently & reservations are necessary. The décor is impeccable & matches the loveliness of everything else.

1508 South Mint Street, Unit B | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 980.585.2433

NO. 2 | SUPERICA Why it is Concierge Approved | Holy guacamole, what's not to love about Superica! Start with a margarita, they are fresh & so delicious. The complimentary chips & salsas (yes - a mild & medium salsa) are amazing as well. Everything has been soooo good! The ambiance of the restaurant is kind of a sophisticated rustic with large windows and a wonderful outdoor seating area. Superica by far the best Tex Mex in Charlotte!

101 W. Worthington Avenue #100 | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 980.321.9914

NO. 3 | O-KU Why it is Concierge Approved | When it comes to sushi, we know the best & O-Ku is one of the best is Charlotte. So every time we go, we start with the Pink Himalayan Salt & Truffle Oil Edamame, it's divine! Other favs include Duck Buns, Spicy Rainbow Roll, Red Dragon Roll, Salmon/Lemon Roll & Black Magic. The ambience is really lovely & their team is so friendly & helpful. They always have great recommendations & guide us into something new & delicious!

2000 South Boulevard, Suite 510 | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 704.594.1922

NO. 4 | HAWKERS Why it is Concierge Approved | With that Asian Street Food idea of small plates this is a great place to share your meal or try a variety of things. Everything we have ordered has been wonderful! The cocktail menu offers a variety of fun drinks - we would recommend the "Tiki, Do You Love Me" & the "I Got 5 On It". The restaurant has a little bit of an

industrial feel with an Asian vibe. If you are looking for a trendy place with great food this is the ideal place!

1930 Camden Road, Suite 260 | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 704.464.0770

NO. 5 | MAC'S SPEEDSHOP Why it is Concierge Approved | Every protein is smoked - the chicken & brisket is so delicious. Everything we have tried is very tender and juicy. The beer selection is great with 52 beers on tap & the atmosphere is fun, casual & unique. They have great dining space inside & out. Two of our absolute favs are the mac & cheese & the hushpuppies. So good!

2511 South Boulevard | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 704.522.6227

NO. 6 | FUTO BUTA Why it is Concierge Approved | Beat Ramen in Charlotte! Maybe it's the noodles made in house or fresh ingredients, regardless the authentic Japanese cuisine features unique flavors & cultural creativity. The restaurant has a very hipster vibe & is always pretty busy.

222 E. Bland Street | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 704.376.8400

NO. 7 | ZEPPELIN Why it is Concierge Approved | Really innovative cocktails - perhaps you have seen their signature "The Uncle Eddy" all over Instagram. It’s that cocktail dramatically served in a smoke-filled glass dome. Zeppelin offers a fresh take on food. Looking for a light & refreshing the Citrus Yellowtail is amazing with edible flowers & citrus undertones. Yum!!! The American Wagyu Tartare has a lot of flavor options with the sauces offered. The vibe is trendy & fun with a bit of mystery. Cool place for sure!

235 W. Tremont Avenue, Suite 100 | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 980.209.0008

NO. 8 | PRICE'S CHICKEN COOP Why it is Concierge Approved | This take out only has won a variety of national awards for their fried chicken. Let's keep it simple - it is a cash only, legitimately historical landmark, the fried chicken is great & it is worth the wait in line.

1614 Camden Road | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 704.333.9866

NO. 9 | LINCOLN'S HABERDASHERY Why it is Concierge Approved | Lincoln's will have you throwing your diet out the window, when it comes to desserts & pastries! Consider yourself warned. The bakery items are fresh & delicious - the daily homemade "doughnuts" are worth the visit alone. Great spot of brunch or lunch! The seating is limited, but they have some good places to cozy into & relax. One of our favorite things is the Bread Soup! So amazing it sells out quite often, so if you are going just for this call ahead to make sure it's available. The sandwiches are amazing! With a funky almost hipster vibe, this upscale market/restaurant can't be beat!

1300 South Boulevard | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 704.910.4660

NO. 1 | ATHERTON MILL & MARKET Why it is Concierge Approved | Inside & outside of the Mill offer such a great glimpse into Charlotte's past - cool architecture & history. There are lots of great shops, restaurants & coffee shops. The halls showcase pictures & blurbs about the history of the building, it's almost like a little museum.

2120 South Boulevard | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 704.779.6476

NO. 2 | HIGH COTTON HOME COMPANY Why it is Concierge Approved | Great place to browse & find some beautiful interior furnishings. They have a good variety of custom pieces both traditional & modern. Their designers will help you with fabrics, patterns & mixing/matching of textures to make your rooms relaxing & well put together.

2137 South Boulevard, Suite 100 | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 704.335.1220

NO. 3 | GIRL TRIBE SHOP Why it is Concierge Approved | This store has the #CLT girl in mind! This super cute boutique offers Charlotte attire, chic outfits, candles, jewelry & a variety of Charlotte based brands | artists. One of our favorite things is their Game Day line which takes the local sports team & puts a girly spin on attire to look cute. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

1800 Camden Road | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 704.249.9910

NO. 4 | 704 SHOP Why it is Concierge Approved | If you are looking for a little Charlotte swag, this is one the best places & brands in the Queen City. They have unique & clean designs - new designs are usually released on Fridays. The store front is modern, streamline & very clean - love shopping here. If you want to shop in your jammies, you can do that too!

1616 Camden Road, Suite 140 | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 704.496.9063

NO. 6 | POP THE TOP CRAFT BEER SHOP Why it is Concierge Approved | If you like beers & even better yet, NC beers, this is your place! Almost all of the beer & wine is brewed or vinified in North or South Carolina & is hand selected. You can enjoy your beer | wine at the bar or with shelves & shelves of bottles your can mix & match to take home. They also have some really cool gifts for any beer lover you know.

116 West Boulevard | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 704.960.2859

NO. 1 | LYNX LIGHTRAIL RIDE Why it is Concierge Approved | Looking for a quick way to get around the Queen City? The light rail might be it! Riding is easy, you can buy a ticket at any station platform. They have a ticket vending machine & cash is not accepted. With a variety of stations, it is easy to get into Uptown & other places.

Bland Street Station | 1511 Camden Road | Charlotte, NC 28203

NO. 2 | CHEF ALYSSA'S KITCHEN Why it is Concierge Approved | Whether you love to cook or would like to learn, Chef Alyssa's classes are amazing! You can feel the passion Chef Alyssa has not only for cooking but her passion for teaching others her skills. Usually these classes sell out & often she is booked out for months in advance - she is that good! She will walk you through the recipe every step of the way & you will learn something new every time you go. This is a must do at least once!

4001 Yancey Road | Charlotte, NC | 704.817.7568

NO. 3 | AMO'S SOUTHEND Why it is Concierge Approved | Almost everything at Amo's is standing room only & while you might not be "front row" almost anywhere in the house you will feel like you are. It's an intimate setting for sure. Tickets are reasonable, cocktails are good & you are sure to have a great experience!

1423 S. Tryon Street | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 704.377.6874

NO. 4 | INNER PEAKS CLIMBING Why it is Concierge Approved | No matter your age or your skill level, Inner Peaks is a great place to come & climb. The staff is always knowledgeable & helpful!

2220 South Tryon Street | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 980.242.3244

NO. 5 | HOPPIN' Why it is Concierge Approved | Love the pay for pour concept! As you enter you get a wrist band, grab a glass of your choice, try the brews of your choice & pay for what you pour. Fun outdoor patio with games & ample beer garden style seating making this a great place to relax & hang out. They have a wide array of beers & also some things for the non-beer drinker.

1402 Winnifred Street | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 704.998.9264


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