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Eastover | Charlotte


As one of Charlotte's most prestigious neighborhoods, Eastover is not only rich in history, it is home to some of Charlotte's Finest. This neighborhood is picture perfect with it's manicured lawns, classic architecture and luxurious amenities. The overall ambiance will have you feeling like you stepped into a Southern style fairytale. Home to the most spectacular homes capable to meet the most discerning living tastes. Eastover is nestled next to Myers Park and they blend together seamlessly.

NO. 1 | RuRu's Taco's & Tequila Why it is Concierge Approved | We love everything about RuRu's! If tacos & margaritas speak to you, this is the spot for you! It features one of our favorite Charlotte patios. The large umbrella canopy coupled by the outdoor bar, create a wonderful outdoor atmosphere that is relaxed & has Latin flair. The dishes & cocktails are named with funky pop culture | movie one liners adding a whimsical element! The Three Amigos is a great starter with salsa, guac & queso pairs with homemade tortilla chips. They have tacos & burritos to satisfy every tastebud. So good!!!

715 Providence Road | Charlotte, NC 28207 | 704.332.7933

NO. 2 | Volo Ristorante Why it is Concierge Approved | If you are looking for an authentic meal coupled with a unique experience, this is just the place. While the menu is always updating with new options, our recent favorites include the Gnocchi with this incredible gorgonzola walnut sauce paired with the Land, Sea or Garden flights to sample multiple items on the menu.  If there is one thing you might have learned about the CLT's Finest Team, we like to share a few items to try them all! Everything is unreal at Volo!

1039 Providence Road | Charlotte, NC 28207 | 704.919.1020

NO. 3 | Napa on Providence Why it is Concierge Approved | Always a spectacular meal! The dishes showcase a southern flair, the flavors are balanced & the wine selection makes it easy to pair your meal to your desired taste. The ambiance is relaxing & kind of trendy! One of our favorite spots is on the covered patio.

110 Perrin Place | Charlotte, NC 28207 | 704.900.8535

NO. 4 | Stagioni Why it is Concierge Approved | When you dine at Stagioni be prepared for a fabulous experience. The atmosphere is quite intimate, but we recommend sitting on the terrace, if possible. The staff knows the menu extremely well & they are very attentive. The homemade pasta is pure perfection! Some items on the menu change with the seasons but everything is delicious. Trust will not be disappointed!

715 Providence Road | Charlotte, NC 28207 | 704.372.8110

NO. 1 | Five One Five

Why it is Concierge Approved | Always on trend & one of the hottest spot for fun fashion finds in Myers Park, Five One Five is THE place to shop for women's clothing & accessories. You have to go check it out!

515 Fenton Place | Charlotte, NC 28207 | 704.488.5725

NO. 2 | Charlotte's

Why it is Concierge Approved | Finding a cutting edge gift is easy at Charlotte's! Weather you are looking to spend $25 or more...there is something for you!

901 Providence Road | Charlotte, NC 28207 | 980.299.7162

NO. 3 | Isabella Why it is Concierge Approved | Looking for something to new for your home? Isabella's has some lovely home furnishings, linens and beddings. They also offer home design guidance and accessorizing. They have something for most budgets which makes them a great place to visit.

715 Providence Road | Charlotte, NC 28207 | 704.377.4920

NO. 4 | Fairclough & Co. Why it is Concierge Approved | This charming men's clothing store has everything a guy could need when in comes to business attire. The team will help put something together, if you need a little inspiration or guidance. We would highly recommend!

102 Middleton Drive | Charlotte, NC 28207 | 704.331.0001

NO. 5 | Splurge Why it is Concierge Approved | We love going in to see what's new at Splurge! They have some trendy fashion find, amazing handbags and jewelry is a must.

1033 Providence Road | Charlotte, NC 28207 | 704.370.0082

NO. 1 | Mint Museum Why it is Concierge Approved | Now an art museum, this historic building once served as the first branch of the U.S. Mint. You can find hundreds of beautiful pieces on display by artists all around the world. You can also view some Charlotte historical pieces & coins from the original Mint. If the art isn't stunning enough, the grounds are sure to impress you. There are some really lovely gardens with seasonal plants and benches to take in all the seasons.

2730 Randolph Road | Charlotte, NC 28207 | 704.337.2000

NO. 2 | Manor Theatre

Why it is Concierge Approved | Part of the allure of the Manor Theatre is it's historic charm & the sundance like films that show off the areas artsy side. The atmosphere is nice & charming! Two movie showings at a time makes the experience pleasant & eliminates the hustle & bustle.

609 Providence Road | Charlotte, NC 28209 | 844.462.7342


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