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Minutes from Uptown, SouthPark & Dilworth, one of Cotswold's many charms is convenience. While this area is primarily made up of more established households, it has an allure for young home buyers. The neighborhood is made up of single family houses with a sprinkle of condos & townhomes. While the area still holds that historic look of the 50’s & 60’s homes there is an increase in renovated & newly constructed luxury properties. The homes were built around the Cotswold Village shopping center & where the name of the neighborhood originated.

NO. 1 | LEROY FOX Why it is Concierge Approved | Leroy Fox never disappoints! When it comes to classic southern comfort this is the place to go. We always start with the Zucchini Fries - they are so delicious dipped in boom boom sauce. We've had several options & each one is good, however we love the sweet potato tots & the mac & cheese. The vibe is casual & the patio a welcoming place to be on a nice Charlotte day.

705 S. Sharon Amity Road | Charlotte, NC 28211 | 704.366.3232

NO. 2 | POPPY'S BAGELS Why it is Concierge Approved | This is one of those places we frequent often! We might even say | Charlotte's Best Bagels!!! The bagels are made fresh daily. The atmosphere reminds you of a New York Deli & gives you that feeling of being up north. So want to know what we order...egg, meat & cheese on the Asiago Bagel. Delicious!!!

2921 Providence Road | Charlotte, NC 28211 | 704.366.8146

NO. 3 | AQUA E VINO Why it is Concierge Approved | Reservations are a must, as seating is limited, however the intimate ambience will make for a great night. The pasta is made fresh daily & menu changes slightly with the seasons. The octopus in the Polpo is delicious!

4219 Providence Road | Charlotte, NC 28211 | 704.364.4445

NO. 4 | SUPERICA Why it is Concierge Approved | Holy guacamole, what's not to love about Superica! Start with a margarita, they are fresh & so delicious. The complimentary chips & salsas (yes - a mild & medium salsa) are amazing as well. Everything has been soooo good! The ambiance of the restaurant is kind of a sophisticated rustic. Superica by far the best Tex Mex in Charlotte!


NO. 5 | EDDIE'S PLACE Why it is Concierge Approved | Let us just say, you have to try Eddie's She Crab Soup! This soup is Charlotte's Best! If the soup wasn't delicious enough on it's own, ask for sherry on the side, they will bring our a little dispenser for you to add to your taste making it even better. We usually get soup & half a sandwich. If soup, isn't your thing, maybe breakfast is. They serve breakfast all day & everything is so good!

617 S. Sharon Amity Road | Charlotte, NC 28211 | 704.442.0147

NO. 6 | KIOSHI Why it is Concierge Approved | One of our favorite things about Kioshi is the sushi lunch options. Sushi Platter "A" gives you the choice of 2 Maki Rolls served with spring roll & either the house salad or soup. The house salad has a tangy ginger dressing that is wonderful! They have some great lunch options that are not sushi based that include fried rice & egg roll. Very filling! Dinner is equally as amazing!

120 North Sharon Amity Road | Charlotte, NC 28211 | 704.442.9886

NO. 7 | PHIL'S DELI Why it is Concierge Approved | This is one of the places where no matter if you haven't been before when you arrive they will treat you like family. This quaint little restaurant has a diner type vibe. Everything on the menu is delectable! Reuben is grilled with pastrami, melted Swiss cheese, the kick of sauerkraut & a great tang from the Russian dressing all on rye bread. Their Banana Pudding is one that many in Charlotte rave about & we have to agree it is marvelous!

4223 Providence Road | Charlotte, NC 28211 | 856.229.7680

NO. 8 | PIZZA PEEL Why it is Concierge Approved | Pizza Peel is tucked away & sort of a hidden gem in Cotswold. The pizza has a buttery crust & can be topped any way you want it. They have some specialty pizzas with unique toppings that all blend perfectly. They even have a pizza & salad buffet at lunch time. Craft beer specials & live music on Thursday nights. The interior is cozy, yet comfortable with a slightly rustic feel.

4422 Colwick Road | Charlotte, NC 28211 | 704.714.8808

NO. 1 | COTSWOLD VILLAGE Why it is Concierge Approved | Filled with a variety of great shops, there is something for everyone at Cotswold Village. If you live in Cotswold this is your one stop shop with Harris Teeter, PetSmart, World Market, etc. There are some great places to grab a quick bite, get your nails done & even workout. Dotted with medical facilities, banks, gas stations, etc., one of the neighbors favorite sayings is "If you can't find it in Cotswold Village, you don't need it."

282 S. Sharon Amity Road | Charlotte, NC 28211 | 877.225.5337

NO. 2 | TOY'S & CO. Why it is Concierge Approved | The store that every child's dreams are made of resides in the heart of Cotswold. Toy's & Co. has such a great selection of new toys & some vintage options. Everything is organized by type of toys, making shopping really easy. If you are looking for a great gift for a little someone in your life, they do a great job with wrapping gifts as well.

242 S. Sharon Amity Road | Charlotte, NC 28211 | 704.365.7890

NO. 3 | MARSHALL'S Why it is Concierge Approved | We all know there are Marshall's all over Charlotte, but this has to be one of the best one's. They get new items often & some really great designer brands. If you like Marshall's make sure to check this one out!

NO. 4 | THE PINK HANGER Why it is Concierge Approved | You can always find something chic at the Pink Hanger! Known for their stylish clothes, accessories & items to complete your look. If you need a little style guidance, they are wonderful at suggestions.

2935 Providence Road #103 | Charlotte, NC 28211 | 704.366.7272

NO. 1 | MINT MUSEUM RANDOLPH Why it is Concierge Approved | Some consider this museum in Cotswold & some in Eastover, no matter it is just a hop, skip & a jump no matter what neighborhood. There is so much to love about this museum including the art collection, exhibits, historic building & the meticulous grounds. (A little insider tip: Admission to Mint Museum Randolph is free on Wednesday evenings, from 5 PM – 9 PM.)

2730 Randolph Road | Charlotte, NC 28207 | 704.337.2000

NO. 2 | COTSWOLD FARMER'S MARKET Why it is Concierge Approved | This quaint little pop up Farmer's Market offers fresh produce, meats, cheeses, baked goods, flowers, candies, soaps, lotions & even some local wines. There is usually a great food truck or two that offer breakfast options. The market is open on Saturday mornings only starting in May & ending in October.

309 S. Sharon Amity Road | Charlotte, NC 28211 | 704.975.5054


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