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Charlotte’s Finest | Doughnuts

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Some say doughnuts others say donuts, but no matter how you decide to say/spell it they are absolutely heavenly. We know there are some donut lovers out there that love all kinds of donuts. Others that prefer fluffy and light donuts and some prefer a cake like texture. No matter what you like, we want to give you the rundown of our favorites in Charlotte.


Why it is Concierge Approved | This North Carolina original has been serving up these hot, delectable and melt in your mouth creations since 1937. You can get fresh doughnuts every day from their bakery/storefronts and now the SouthEnd Krispy Kreme Kiosk...that's right, these treasured delights come right out of a kiosk. So fun!!! These are so popular you can even find them sold by the box in the grocery stores and other locations.

Texture | Fluffy and light

Our doughnut of choice | Classic glazed


Why it is Concierge Approved | At first, you could only find Sugar donuts by following the Sugar food truck, but the popularity created a craze for these sweet treats. It wasn't long until the owners opened a brick and mortar location and ever since the lines are long and when they sell out for the day, you've missed your chance. They also make the most amazing cinnamon rolls, but that is for another list.

Texture | Doughy and light

Our donuts of choice | Vanilla bean glaze cookies & cream, and cookie dough

Why it is Concierge Approved | When it comes to flavor creations, Your Mom's Donuts is thinking out of the box even though their divine creations come in a square shape. They offer seasonal creations, so you have to stop by often to see what is new. They make their donuts fresh daily and you don't want to be too late...when they sell out for the day, you'll miss out.

Texture | Doughy and light

Our donuts of choice | Lemon honey and salted caramel


Why it is Concierge Approved | If you like to customize your donuts, Duck Donuts makes these to order. When you walk in they have an order form you can fill out and they begin dipping them in glazes, adding all the toppings and finally a drizzle of your choice right before your eyes. It's a fun experience! A great combination is adding either the southern pecan brew or a milkshake.

Texture | Cake like

Our donuts of choice | S'more, maple bacon and lemon glazed the menu | Ask about the donut holes.

Why it is Concierge Approved | If you are looking for a good fluffy yet kind of cake like donut, Reigning Donuts is a no frill option with some amazing flavor. This is such a cute donut shop with a walk up window. It's kind of a unique concept in Charlotte and a little hard to find, as it is tucked right into the side of Growler's Pourhouse. I loved that the donuts are made to order and come out nice and warm!

Texture | Fluffy, cake like

Our donuts of choice | Cinnamon sugar and honey glaze



SUAREZ BAKERY Our donut of choice | Specialty letter doughnuts

Our donut of choice | M&M

Our donut of choice | Dessert doughnuts - they are amazing! They come out hot in a bag filled with powdered sugar. Shake and enjoy!

Our donut of choice | Munchkins


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