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Charlotte’s Finest | Healthy Eats

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

No matter if you are trying to eat healthy to get that swimsuit ready body, keep it or just because the temps are so hot that you just don't feel all that hungry, we can tell you the best things to eat & where to go.

JACKIE'S CHOICE | Green Brothers Juice

What she orders | A Smoothie + a Cold Busta Wellness Shot


Juices, Wellness Shots & Acai Bowls (ask for the server's favorite to change it up!) Most of their items are fresh & made to order using the healthiest ingredients. They do have pre-made juices in a cooler with their most popular flavors, These are great for a juice cleanse or even a simple afternoon pick-me-up.

Foxcroft | 7802 Fairview Road | Charlotte, NC | 803.526.7447


What she orders | Zucchini Vermicelli


The menu has a good variety of options and everything is absolutely delicious - quality and fresh ingredients! They have some healthy options and of course some great options if you would like to indulge a little bit. The atmosphere is sophisticated casual and is matched by good service. If the weather is nice, they have a lovely patio!

SouthPark | 3920 Sharon Road | Suite 160 | Charlotte, NC | 980.237.1919



What we order | If we have a few of us, we order the Falafel Mountain - it truly is soooo much food. The Socca and Salad is delicious!


Offering a worldly and playful take on healthy cuisine, everything is made to order and of course plant based. They are taking vegetables and taking them to a whole new level using a variety of techniques to really make them the stars of each dish. The customer service was exceptional - Chef Julia and her team will take time to answer questions and try to accommodate any requests.

Camp North End | 1801 North Graham Street | Charlotte, NC



Specializes in all things Vegan with a South Africa Vibe

NODA | 3046 N Davidson Street | Charlotte, NC | 704.891.4664



What Jackie orders | Avocado Wrap (the lemon herb dressing is amazing!)

Dilworth | 1257 East Boulevard | Charlotte, NC | 704.334.6528

What Millie orders | Fresh pressed juices and their Vegan Sushi is a fan favorite.

SouthEnd | 2000 S. Boulevard, Suite 300 | Charlotte, NC | 704.333.0008

What Millie orders | Their falafel, house made laffa bread, roasted brussels, greek yogurt mac and cheese and cauliflower with tahini are favorites!

SouthPark | 720 Governor Morrison Street | Suite 120 | Charlotte, NC | 704.365.7130


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