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Charlotte’s Finest | Greek Spots

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

When it comes to Greek food in the Queen City, these five are creating cuisine with the comforts of their home land. The heart of Greek culture is warm hospitality. Food plays a big part in that and brings everyone together. While some of the Charlotte Greek restaurants are staying true to the authentic taste, others are giving it a more Americanized flair. No matter which your preference, they are all bringing a big dose of clean flavors and all welcome you in with welcoming arms.


Why it is Concierge Approved | If you are looking to enjoy a little bit of Greece, Ilios Noche is our go. They offer a nice mix of authentic Greek & Italian cuisine. When it come to the food, everything is eye catching & delicious. Our recommendations start off with some of the killer appetizer (meze). The Taste of Spreads is delicious & great to share, as it features four spreads & pita. The Grilled Octopus, Angry Shrimp & Eggplant Chips are also starters we tend to gravitate to. If you like lamb, you have to try the Lamb Burger. It truly is phonemical! Each dish has it's own unique flavor & is seasoned to perfection. With a good selection of wine, you are sure to find one to pair with your meal. If you prefer cocktails, try the Seasonal Mule (if you are a vodka & ginger beer fan) so unique, plus the ginger beer is house made. The atmosphere is casual & relaxing adding to the allure for big groups or even date night. Typically, live music is playing, however, don't's not loud & they have perfected that level where you can still have a conversation while you enjoy!

Rea Village | 1508 Providence Road |

Quail Corners | 8426 Park Road | Charlotte, NC 28277 | 704.814.9882

Why it is Concierge Approved | Phenomenal Greek crave worthy! Truly might be our favorite place to get Greek Salad. There is something so tangy & amazing about the dressing, it just takes all the other fresh ingredients to the next level. Everything is authentic, fresh & delicious including the gyros, kabobs, pitas & falafels. No matter what you order you just have to get the fries! They have 3 options lemon oregano, spicy, or plain salted. The lemon oregano is our favorite & dipped in the tzatziki sauce. Yum! Make sure you safe room for Mrs. Pahountis' Loukoumades, these fried donut like balls are topped with honey & cinnamon. Perfect way to end a delicious meal!

Blakeney | 9820 Rea Rd. Ste. E | 704.542.7770

Colony | 7731 Colony Road Ste. F3 | 704.542.1019

Matthews | 3335 Siskey Parkway Suite E1 | 704.246.6362

Wesley Chapel | 6400 Monroe-Weddington Rd Ste. G | 704.839.0344

Why it is Concierge Approved | This local gem definitely draws a crowd! Our go to dishes include the Gyro Pita, Mad Greek Salad, Spanakopita, these sound like your traditional Greek dishes, well they are but this family owned restaurant is making very traditional Greek with some delicious flavors. Another favorite is the Chicken Everything is handmade with the utmost care. Once you take a bite of the Chicken Souvlaki Dinner, you will feel like you have been transported to Greece! This dish is a bed of rice topped with seasoned chicken fresh off the grill & pulled form the skewer, onions & green peppers. When it comes to Greek we're mad about it, so we love the name & the food is a must try!

5011 South Boulevard | 704.523.8296


Why it is Concierge Approved | Not even going to hold back on this recommendation! You have to start your meal with the Whipped Feta! No matter if you get it with the toasted pita or the veggies, this creamy homemade feta dip is topped with honey & is divine. So addictive! The Grilled Salmon Quinoa bowl is a healthy and delicious options serves with a Tinos salad and Taziki Sauce. They have delicious sandwiches, salads and gyros. If you happen to go during the weekend, they have a Taziki's Signature Pasta which is so flavorful and is a good mix Greek with an Italian flair. 7107 Waverly Walk Avenue | 704.665.5057


Why it is Concierge Approved | This Uptown find is a great place to grab a bite. It has a little more laid back atmosphere, so it's a fun lunch spot if you need a little time to unwind. If you are a gyro fan, this has a delicious one! One of our favorite meals is the Lemon Pepper Chicken. It is like a explosion of flavors in to your mouth, however the sauce can be a little overpowering, so we just ask to have to on the side. When it comes to sides the fries with feta, the fried okra or the spinach with feta will make you say "Opaaaa"! When it comes to Greek, there really isn't much in Uptown and it is hard to find lunch for this great price. It really is a little bit hidden, but such a find.

145 Brevard Court | 704.464.4601



ZOE'S A Variety of Locations | 980.237.8908

THE GATEWAY TO ATHEN'S 360 Exchange Street NW, Concord, NC | 704.788.2174

YAFO A Variety of Locations | 704.365.7130

PENO MEDITERRANEAN GRILL 2115 East Arbors Drive | 980.224.9791

A Variety of Locations | 704.849.9155

The freshness, tang and healthiness of Mediterranean is what keeps us wanting more. When it comes to finding the best Greek in the Queen City, we are always open to suggestions not only on the restaurant, but the specialty dishes we just need to try. Please feel free to reach out to and provide your recommendations.



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