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Charlotte’s Finest | Best Brunch

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Oh brunch! It conjures memories of lazy mid-morning eats, cocktails, lattes and fun conversations. When it comes to brunch in the Queen City these four command attention!


Upscale French

Must Try Dish | Brioche French Toast

Signature Drink | Mimosa


From the quaint seating arrangement & décor which gives you the feel of a French Café, to the lovely display of French pastries/cakes/desserts, Café Monte is charming. We would recommend a reservation, as this is one of Charlotte's most popular brunch spots, but that also speaks to how absolutely delicious everything in. The patio is a great place to enjoy the sunshine, a latte and relax.

SouthPark | 6700 Fairview Road | Charlotte, NC 28210 | 704.552.1116


All-You-Can-Eat Brunch Buffet

Buffet Selections | While there seems to be unlimited amount of options, there is something for everyone. With fresh fruit, charcuterie, prime rib, salmon, bacon, sausage, pastries, hash browns, salads - not to mention a variety of eggs, an omelet station, etc.


Oh Reid's, we love everything about Reid's! Enjoy your brunch on an amazing patio, have a glass of wine or a cocktail and enjoy how amazing each dish is!

SouthPark | 4331 Barclay Downs Drive | Charlotte, NC 28209 | 704.377.7686

(Picture courtesy of Reid's Fine Foods)


Little Unique Neighborhood Spot

Must Try Dish | The hash with a side of cheddar jalapeno biscuits


The vibe at Little Spoon is relaxed, quirky and has sort of this west coast feel. The menu changes daily with a handful of staple dishes as a constant. They put a spin on old school from the menu to the music. It's just a fun place to enjoy Brunch.

Myers Park | 2820 Selwyn Avenue | Charlotte, NC 28207

(Picture courtesy of CLT's Brunch Festival)


Tex Mex Spin

Must Try Dish | Huevos divorciados con chilaquiles

Signature Drink | Blood orange margarita or Honduran coffee


Worth all the hype you might have heard about it. It simply is amazing! The complimentary chips and salsa comes with two delicious salsas - avocado-tomatillo salsa verde and fire roasted tomato salsa. Sitting out on the patio is refreshing or the interior has a fun rustic, modern spin.

SouthEnd | 101 W. Worthington Avenue | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 704.941.4941



300 EAST | Breakfast pizza

Dilworth | 300 East Boulevard | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 704.332.6507

EDDIE'S PLACE | Big fluffy pancakes

Cotswold | 617 South Sharon Amity Road | Charlotte, NC 28211 | 704.442.0147

LEGION BREWERY | Breakfast in bread SouthPark | 5610 Carnegie Boulevard | Charlotte, NC 28209 | 844.467.5683

SNOOZE EATERY | Bravocado Toast

1331 Central Avenue | Charlotte, NC 28205 | 980.243.5070

Didn't happen to see your favorite brunch spot on our list, please let us know about it. We enjoy good recommendations on things to try! Email us at



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