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CLT's Finest Crumb Cake | Marvin Secret

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Let's talk crumb cake! What makes a perfect crumb cake?

Is it the butter? Those of us butter lovers know you need a good dose of butter to make crumb cake moist and unbelievably delicious!

Is it the crumb topping? There is something so satisfying about the crumble of the topping. It's texture when added with the moistness of the cake, is lick your lips good!

Is it the crumb to cake ratio? There has to be that balance. We like a good thick crumb layer that will stand up to the cake.

Is it that sprinkle of powder sugar? The dusting of this heavenly white stuff definitely adds a dimension to the crumb topping that just sends it over the edge.

Well no matter which one of these makes you think of the "perfect" crumb cake, we know of one that checks all the boxes and it might be one of Marvin's sweetest secrets. Sugar Rush Crumb Cakes was created by owner Shannon Rush in 2020. Originally, she just baked for friends, family and a few others, but the popularity of her cakes has been fun to watch. Sugar Rush is becoming a social media sensation for sure!

The best way to order is to go to to view all flavors available. Then simply text Shannon at 516.316.8998 to let her know you would like to place an order, what flavor, when you would like to pick it up and what size.

Popular flavors are classic, cinnamon, cookies & cream, chocolate or birthday cake. Spring season flavors are lemon and strawberry. Fall seasonal flavors are pumpkin or Gingerbread.

Two sizes are offered: 8X8 Tin or 11X15 Sheet. Porch pickup is free and recommended.



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