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CLT's Finest J-Term Student

We were so honored to be asked to participate in Charlotte Christian School's J-Term, their Vocational Shadowing Program, this year! This program offers the opportunity for Junior & Senior students who are in good academic standing to observe & learn by shadowing professionals in their desired career paths for 1 week.

During J-Term, the students are expected to participate where they can & experience what each job entails. They are required to have a set number of shadowing hours to complete the program. This is a great way for students to really grasp the details of the profession they are interested in & understand the daily tasks involved.

OUR J-TERM STUDENT | It was our pleasure to host a high school Junior who is interested in marketing & possibly real estate which was such a treat for us! Our student experienced an action packed week! During the week, she participated in general inspections, meetings with clients and various contractors to include general contractors, plumbers, painters, roofers, etc., and house showings in various neighborhoods around South Charlotte. In addition, our student was able to attend two closings. Most of all, we were grateful to learn more about her desire to learn & grow, participate in this journey together, and excited to see where her next steps will lead her.

Thank you Charlotte Christian for this incredible opportunity!


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