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Charlotte’s Finest | Summer Salads

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Summer & salads just seem to go together! Maybe it's the abundance of fresh veggies & fruits that come with the season. Maybe it's the heat that makes us all a little less hungry. Maybe it's the idea of looking amazing in our bathing suits. No matter the reason, salads are in high demand in summertime & Charlotte offers a colorful array!


Why it is Concierge Approved | When it comes to salad, Bricktop's has mastered not only the taste but a stunning presentation when it comes to their stacked salads. Our favorite, the Palm Beach Salad, starts with an avocado base topped with crab meat, poached shrimp, remoulade, tomato & chopped egg. Not really a seafood fan? They also offer a delicious Cobb Salad in that same signature stack that starts with

grilled chicken, tomato, avocado, blue

cheese, bacon & chopped egg. We

usually order both with a refreshing

balsamic vinaigrette.

6401 Morrison Boulevard | 704.364.6255

📸 | Bricktops


Why it is Concierge Approved | The beauty of a Chopt salad, is you can make any creation you would like. With 6 variety of greens, 17 choppings (Chopt toppings), 6 cheeses, 9 crunches, 27 dressing options and more, you are sure to find everything you like to top your salad with. Want to try something new or not have to make decisions on toppings? Try a destination salad, as they change with the seasons & offer some unique taste combinations. Our fav right now is the Spicy Sonoma Caesar Salad.

Park Road Shopping Center | 4125 Park Road | 980.321.9034

Arboretum | 8022 Providence Road | 704.817.8677

Blakeney | 9844 Road Road | 704.755.5565

Why it is Concierge Approved | Just talking about the pairing we are about to share, makes our mouths water! While this salad is off menu, the Spicy Shrimp Cobb is magic when paired with the Legion American Wheat. With shrimp maranaded in a spicy blend & grilled to perfection & then a top a bed of mixed greens, bacon, tomatoes, egg, avocado, corn & herbed goat cheese.

5610 Carnegie Boulevard | 980.256.4167

Why it is Concierge Approved | This salad is hard to beat - no really - but more like beet. The SPG is a delicious mix of pickled & roasted beets, NC goat cheese, baby kale & a tangy citrus yogurt dressing. We love a good beet salad & the dressing really marrys with the beets in a refreshing way. 4300 Congress Street | 704.900.6945


Why it is Concierge Approved | Looking for something light & refreshing that will fill you up but not leave you feeling too full? The Oriental Chicken Salad is an ideal option. The chicken is grilled with a blend of asian spices adding a tangy pop. Mixed greens, mushrooms, cucumbers, almonds, scallions, red peppers & crispy wontons rounds out the flavors in this dish.

6518 Fairview Road | 704.366.6688



BBQ Chicken Salad (Might be off menu)

3920 Sharon Road | 704.366.3655

Spinach Salad

1531 East Boulevard | 980.237.2227

Italian Chopped Salad

Dilworth | 2230 Park Road | 704.900.0929

Providence Commons | 10620 Providence Road | 704.846.8909

MIDWOOD SMOKEHOUSE Midwood Chopped Salad

Midwood | 1401 Central Avenue | 704.295.4227

Ballantyne | 12410 Johnson Road | 980.430.1086

Taco Salad

A Variety of Locations | 980.299.0008

Greek Salad

1608 East Boulevard | 704.208.4148



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