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Spring Cleaning List

Updated: Jan 2, 2019


It’s official, today is the first day of spring! With the warmth of the sunshine, feelings of new beginnings and fresh starts emerge. One of the best ways to re-invigorate is by giving your home a spring cleaning. We’ve created this simple guide to help you accomplish these 10 tasks easily. Just think how much happier you will be with these tasks behind you, a tidy house, time to relax on the patio and take in all of Charlotte’s amazing spring weather!



This is a great place to start your cleaning process and once we tell you why it will make the daunting task seem a little less so. By cleaning windows and glass doors you will bring all that extra sunlight in, making everything sparkle even more. It will also help you see some of those spots you miss along the way. To get that streak free shine, simply add vinegar in a spray bottle, then spray a large area of the window and clean until clear.


We all know this can also be a big task. So many of us get set in our ways and we all tend to hold on to more things than we need, want or should have. So purging, donating and recycling will be the key to success. We recommend you take it drawer by drawer and closet by closet. Here are 4 easy steps to repeat in each spot:

1 | Take everything out

2 | Toss the junk! Throw away anything that’s broken, missing a piece, or a

complete mystery to you.

3 | Ask one question…have I used or even touched this item within the past year?

If the answer is no, research tends to lean toward you probably not using

the item in the future. Throw it out or give it away. The only reason it should

remain is if it has sentimental value.

4 | Organize everything you keep. To keep things a little more tidy, add drawer

dividers or other organization. One of our favorite places to purchase these


While so many of us dust throughout the year, there are some places that just aren’t everyday thoughts. Spring is an ideal time to dust ceiling fans, door tops, cabinet tops, the refrigerator top and hanging pictures. Using a microfiber cloth either slightly dry or damp is the best to eliminate the dust. Just make sure if you wet the cloth that it is only slightly damp so that you don’t leave solution behind.


Draperies are one of those items that doesn’t always seem so dirty, but tends to be one of the most dusty items in a home. Draperies can be a delicate so make sure you read the cleaning instructions before you start. Dry cleaning might be the best option!


Replacing furnace filters is something ideally that should be done every month to keep your furnace running efficiently. It is also one of those to dos that often get overlooked. Spring is a great time to make sure everything is in working order.




Sometimes all it takes is a coat of fresh paint! Painting the front door and shutters can be the easiest, quickest and most cost effective makeover to do to the front of your home. It also happens to have one of the most dramatic results. When selecting a color, you want to make sure that it is appealing and compliments the exterior façade. Consider pulling a color or complimenting color to those inside your home. This will add to the allure and make everything cohesive.


There is nothing as powerful as a good pressure washing of your home. You may not realize how much dirt, mold, mildew, tannin stains from leaves and sticks and irrigation rust can be on the exterior of a home. You will be pleasantly surprised how drastically a good pressure washing will make your home look and feel.


Lighting is the best way to highlight your home and really make it pop from the street especially in the evening hours. Extra illumination showcases a home’s architectural features and drawing attention to lush shrubbery and trees. It can also be a less expensive solution and easy way to get your yard beautiful for summer entertaining.


First and foremost, having appealing house numbers adds to visibility and makes your home easier to find by guests. But even more so, the days of boring numbers are over. Now you can really let your personality come through or pull the style of your home through with the design and shape of these numbers. Small details with big impact!


On the average, good landscaping can add between 7% to 10% to the value of your home. Adding a good mix of annuals and perennial flowers can add color and allure. Good landscaping should have pieces that really pop seasonally, adding character to a yard all year round. Landscaping can really help tie all the other front exterior features together.


Maybe some of the cleaning & little improvements aren’t something you would like to complete yourself and you would prefer to pay someone with the correct skill set to do it? If so, please reach out to us. We would be happy to provide you with someone off our concierge list to contact. We work with Charlotte’s Finest, so would be honored to help you connect.



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