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Charlotte City Neighborhoods

Marcus Jones brought a wonderful synergy to the room, as he spoke about the concept of selling the city. Charlotte is turning 250 in November & there are plans to launch a fun campaign to really highlight were we have been, all the beauty of the city now and of course all that is one the horizon. So be on the look out to learn a little more about the city. (We hope to be doing a little spin on that ourselves.) He presented 10 ways the city was working toward making Charlotte the best is can be. One of the key ideas we loved was the idea of “City Neighborhoods” these little pop up coffee, grocery shops that would make neighborhoods a little more walkable & have their own personalities.

Excited to see and be a part of “investing comprehensively on the future growth of Charlotte – Bob Morgan”. As always, we would be delighted to take you on a tour of our beautiful city, find a neighborhood for your lifestyle & ultimately find the ideal place for you to call home in the Queen City.



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