The Powells

"In the 30 years that I've known her, Millie has shown time and time again how dependable and trustworthy she is; You can count on her to do what she says she's going to do. Millie is committed to her work and gives 110% to everything she does."


Mrs. Kofoed

"Millie would be the first person I would choose to be on my team; she is incredibly genuine and wants what's best for those around her. Millie works harder and smarter than anyone I know!"

Country House

The Heuers

"We’ve had the good fortune of working with Millie for more than ten years, and she has always impressed us with her professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication to others. Millie has a wonderful mix of qualities that make her clients so happy to work with her. She is very strategic, a great communicator, a problem solver, caring, thoughtful, and so upbeat and positive. Millie goes the extra mile to make sure that the interests of others are met. Service to others is central to what she does every day!"


The Manns

“Millie is an exceptionally good

listener and makes those around

feel immensely cared for. She is enthusiastic, detail-oriented, and

devotes herself to getting the job

done right!”


The Ritzes

"For the past 20 years, we have known Millie to be a woman of high integrity and strong character. She is determined in her work, empathetic in her approach, and has expertly guided our family towards success."


Mr. Salema

“Millie's the best Realtor around!

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The Bryants

“Millie was the best Realtor we’ve ever experienced. Quick to answer and handled everything for us. 10 out of 10! She’s amazing!